Mugen Liger
Vital statistics
Type liger
Crew 1
Weight 137 tons
Depth 22.3 m
Height 9.2 m
Maximum Speed 280 km/h
Weapons 3-Shot Gravity Cannon, Crown Strike Blade (13), Mugen Blade, Murasame Blade, Crush Bite, Strike Laser Claw (4), Tail Blade
Equipment Infinite Belt Drive, Platinum Zi-Metal Armour, Smoke Dispenser (4)

The Mugen Liger (ムゲンライガー Mugen Raigā) (from 無限, infinite) is a liger type Zoid, a race of mechanical lifeforms from the fictional Zoids universe.

Overview Edit

The Mugen Liger is a Liger-type type Zoid, unique to the Zoids: Genesis fictional universe.

Like the Hayate Liger, the Mugen is a direct evolution of the Murasame Liger. The most powerful form of the Zoid, it can only be released in the most dangerous of situations. Like the Hayate form, the Mugen form can only be maintained for a few minutes at a time.

The Mugen Liger's body is coated in Metal Zi armour, making it resistant to all but the most powerful of weapons, as well as those made from Metal Zi. This protection comes at a price, the Mugen Liger is 50% heavier than the Murasame, as well as being considerably slower and less agile due to the weight.

While the Zoid's most distinctive weapons are its twin blades, the Zoid's main ranged weapon is a powerful Gravity Cannon mounted on its chest in place of the traditional Impact Cannon. While not as powerful as the weapons found on the Deadborder or Gilvader, it is still dangerous.

Battle Story Edit

The Mugen Liger is the most advanced Zoid created by the Ancient Civilization, the peak of their technology. Like their other Zoids, the machine was lost after their civilization vanished, and remained hidden away inside the body of the Murasame Liger.

In the battle story, it is not clear if the Mugen Liger is a specific, unique Zoid or just a Zoid type.

Media appearances Edit

Anime Edit

The Mugen Liger is unique to the Zoids: Genesis anime.

The Mugen Liger is the third of the three legendary Dragon Zoids, despite its name and being Lion-type, along with the Gildragon (though named as a Wyvern-type, it appears to be closer to the true dragon) and Dekalt Dragon (Dragon-type). Like the Hayate Liger, Ruuji is initially only able to release the Zoid at moments of great stress or tension, although he later learns to control its transformation. The Zoid is armed with Platinum Metal Zi weapons, making it the only thing capable of surviving an attack from the Bio Tyranno or Bio Volcano.

The Mugen Liger's role as the third Dragon Zoid is a retcon. The role was originally intended for the Genesis version of the Redler, with the Zoid even being named in the dialogue of the series. However, after the cancellation of the Redler model from the Genesis line, the Mugen Liger was given the role, and the Redler was never mentioned again.

In the anime, the Mugen Liger does not posses gravity shock cannons. It is seen in it's début fight with the Bio Kentro that it fires ordinary rounds.